After creating a merging of two related entities (each with its unique characteristics), we have come together to help create and drive new programs for our hotel and lodging clients. As a group we have the following offerings:

Design/Supply: Categories:
* Retail Space Creation / Design * Food Service Options
* POS/Fixtures/Supply * Hotel Pantries Options
* New Products and Categories * In Room Categories
* Consulting for New Brands * Mini Bar Options
* International Clients * Breakfast Area Options
* Health Food and Beverages * Vending Options
* Social Media / TV / Web * Kiosk Lobbies


THE CAMPUS: We look at our food service and hospitality formats as a campus. Within this campus there are many locations that have retailing and food service opportunities. For our clients we help identify these opportunities and explore solutions.

For the hotel we have solutions for the hotel pantry, gift shop, business center, lobby area, breakfast area, vending area, in room catering, restaurant, mini bar program. arcade and more.

For the food and beverage manufacturer: The Hotel Retail Group can help with your efforts in hospitality.

For the hotel property owner: The Hotel Retail Group can help you with your design needs for a pantry, breakfast area and gift shop. Coming soon will be our Sundry Shop/Lobby Shop concepts.

Categories for Our Retailing Programs

The Hotel

  1. 1. Frozen Foods
  2. 2. Grab and Go Options
  3. 3. Confections
  4. 4. Health Snacks
  5. 5. Ice Cream
  6. 6. Sundries
  7. 7. Beverages/Sodas
  8. 8. Sandwiches
  9. 9. Salads
  10. 10. many others…

The Breakfast Area

  1. 1. Breakfast Sandwiches
  2. 2. Eggs
  3. 3. Belgian Waffles
  4. 4. Cereals
  5. 5. Potatoes
  6. 6. Pancakes
  7. 7. Muffins
  8. 8. Breads
  9. 9. Juices
  10. 10. many others…

The Hotel Gift Shop

  1. 1. Confections
  2. 2. Snacks
  3. 3. Sundries
  4. 4. Sunglasses
  5. 5. Local Gitts
  6. 6. Magazines
  7. 7. Books
  8. 8. Ice Cream
  9. 9. Beverages/Sodas
  10. 10. many others…



We have been creating hotel pantries and gift shops for a few years now.

Hotel Pantry Needs:  a.)  We can design a specific pantry area for your location needs.  b.)  We have a complete list of resources for freezers, coolers, racks, slatwall, POS systems, video cameras, baskets, amenity cabinets and other related items needed for a hotel pantry.

Hotel Gift Shop Needs:  a.)  We have design partners who are specialists in creating store space.  b.)  We also can help with the needed fixtures, coolers, supplies, pricing needs, POS systems and other items needed for the successful opening of a gift shop.  Our new Lobby Shop/Sundry Shop concepts will be announced soon.

Breakfast Area Needs:  We have both the design experience and the supply experience for a successful breakfast area.  Our menu specialists can also help create a specific program for your needs.

Please call or email us anytime.  Dennis @ – 909-336-6473